It has been said, "The past is prologue." With crowded highways that sometimes feel and look like parking lots, and polution as a result of so many automobiles and trucks, many of us believe that it is time for the revitalization of the railroads. Though the problems are real, we often pay little attention to them. Perhaps we all can be reminded of the need to do something and to realize that maybe the past can be prologue with the return of our railroads. The New Hampshire Railroad Revitalization Association (NHRRA) is designed to do just that. Funding is, of course, always necessary. I will donate a portion of the proceeds of all of my railroad artwork to the NHRRA. Thank you for your interest in my paintings and prints, and in this segment devoted to our railroads. I encourage everyone to consider joining the NHRRA. Please go to: for more information on New Hampshire's railroads.


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